Who Played Quiz 1

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Who Played...

1. David Niven's wife in 'Please don't eat the daisies'

2. Emmanuelle and Lady Chatterley

3. Impressario Max Bialystok in 'The Producers'

4. Investigative Journalist Bob Woodward in 'All the Presidents Men'

5. Arthur Daly in Minder

6. Miss Marple in 'Murder at the Gallop'

7. A dim Florida lawyer in 'Body Heat'

8. An illiterate gardener in the 1979 film 'Being there'

9. Albert de Salvo in 'The Boston Strangler'

10. Which German actor played an evil dying concert pianist in the 'Mephisto Waltz'  


1. Doris Day

2. Sylvia Krystal

3. Zero Mostel

4. Robert Redford

5. George Cole

6. Margaret Rutherford

7. William Hurt

8. Peter Sellers

9. Tony Curtis

10. Curt Jurgens


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