Bad Guys Quiz 1

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1. Which Indian word is used to describe professional robbers and murderers?

2. Which infamous sea captain was hanged for piracy in 1701?

3. Who was the British explorer killed by natives in Hawaii, in 1779?

4. Outside which London Embassy was PC Yvonne Fletcher murdered in 1984?

5. Which Scottish town is associated with the Pan-Am flight 103 disaster?

6. Which British politician went on trial, on May 8 1979 at London?s Old Bailey on charges of hiring an assassin to kill his alleged ex-lover Norman Scott?

7. Which member of the Royal family was assassinated by Irish terrorists, in 1979?

8. Who was the last women to be hanged in Britain?

9. Which former US President was the target of an Iraqi plot to assassinate him in 1993?

10. Which Shakespearean character killed his wife Desdemona?  


1. Thugs.

2. Captain Kidd.

3. Captain James Cooke.

4. Libyan Embassy.

5. Lockerbie.

6. Jeremy Thorpe, Liberal party leader.

7. Earl Louis Mountbatten.

8. Ruth Ellis - 1956.

9. George Bush

10. Othello.


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