Paul Newman Quiz 1

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The following quiz round was submitted by Roy Melville who presents a quiz at the Tingle Creek Hotel, Erbusaig, Highlands, Scotland every Thursday. Many, many thanks Roy, a great round!

1. What was Paul Newman's first movie role in which he won a Best New Star Golden Globe?

2. In what movie did Paul Newman play a top member of the Irish Mafia?

3. What crime was Paul Newman's character in Cool Hand Luke imprisoned for?

4. What occuptation was Paul Newman's character in Harper?

5. What movie was the sequel to Harper in which Paul Newman played Lew Harper?

6. What character did Paul Newman's character play pool against in the finale of The Hustler?

7. What sequel to The Hustler earned Paul Newman an Academy Award for Best Actor?

8. What Paul Newman movie is based on the founding of Israel as a modern nation in 1948?

9. What real life boxer did Paul Newman portray in Somebody Up There Likes Me?

10. Which title character did Paul Newman play in Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid? 


1. The Silver Chalice

2. Road to Perdition

3. Screwing heads off parking meters

4. Private Investigator

5. The Drowning Pool

6. Minnesota Fats

7. The Color of Money

8. Exodus

9. Rocky Graziano

10. Butch Cassidy 


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