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1. What is the connection between Copenhagen and the Battle of Waterloo?

2. Which famous person's name is an anagram of "Nigel, Fetch an Iron Leg"?

3. Who was the first woman to appear on US postage stamp?

4. The marriage between which two famous people was described as 'Egghead meats hourglass'?

5. What do Hamilton in Canada, Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia and Kingston in Jamaica have, amongst others in common?

6. What well-known painter was famous for depicting industrial and crowd scenes of northwest England?

7. Outside of Paris, which city contains the most French-speaking people?

8. Which country's name means 'Land of the people'?

9. Whose last written words were "We shall stick it out to the bitter end but we are getting weaker?. For God's sake look after our people."?

10. Who was the USA's first ever honorary citizen?

11. Who won a place in the Guinness Book of Records for writing 26 books in 1982?

12. How did Jack the Ripper famously sign his letters to the Police?

13. Which Indian princess married the English colonist John Rolfe in 1614?

14. "Pillow talk" cost Margaretha Geertruida Zelle her life in 1917, by what name is she better known?

15. Cetewayo once ruled which people?

16. Which Central-American country is known as "the land of lakes and volcanoes"?

17. What Islamic edifice was built in the city of Agra by Shah Jahan?

18. What connects Leonardo da Vinci, Jack the Ripper, Bill Clinton, Lewis Carroll, Richard Dreyfuss, Kurt Cobain and Horatio Nelson?

19. Who did Steve Davis defeat in his very first World Championship Snooker final in 1981?

20. What nationality was Marie Tussaud who founded the famous wax work exhibitions?

21. Who traded places with Eddie Murphy in the film Trading Places?

22. Where would one find the mountains IDA and DICTI?

23. More than 50% of all men on Corfu have which first name? 5 Letters.

24. Which two German ex-colonies begin with the letter 'S'?

25. Which famous painter painted and sketched the atrocities of war committed by Napoleon's soldiers in Spain?

26. Many people believed that Lord Carnarvon's death was due to what?


1. He was the Duke of Wellington's horse.

2. Florence Nightingale.

3. Queen Isabella of Spain (1893).

4. Arthur Miller and Marilyn Monroe.

5. All have hosted the Commonwealth Games.

6. Lawrence Stephen Lowrey.

7. Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo.

8. China.

9. Captain Robert Scott.

10. Winston Churchill.

11. Barbara Cartland.

12. From Hell.

13. Pocahontas.

14. Mata Hari.

15. Zulus.

16. Nicaragua.

17. The Taj Mahal.

18. Left-handedness.

19. Doug Mountjoy.

20. She was Swiss.

21. Dan Akroyd.

22. Crete (Greece).

23. Spiro.

24. Solomon Islands and Samoa.

25. Goya.

26. The curse of the mummy.

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