Women in Politics Quiz 1

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1. In 1960 Mrs Bandaranaike became the worlds first woman PM in which country?

2. What was Mrs Thatcher's only cabinet post prior to becoming PM?

3. In which country was the Israeli PM, Golda Meir born?

4. Who was the first British woman to take her seat in the House of Commons?

5. Which women became her country?s president in 1986 after its previous president for 21 years fled to the USA?

6. Who was the first women MP member for the Social Democratic Party?

7. What was the minimum age at which women could vote in the 1918 British General Election (18, 25, 30, No vote, 75 (if accompanied by both her parents)

8. Where in Britain in 1913 did Suffragette Emily Davidson die?

9. Which Indian Prime Ministers daughter became PM herself in 1966?

10. Who was the first woman to hold the post held in the past by Horace King and George Thomas?  


1. Ceylon (Sri Lanka)

2. Education Minister (& Science)

3. Russia

4. Nancy Astor

5. Cory Acquino

6. Shirley Williams

7. 30

8. Epsom Derby

9. Nehru

10. Betty Boothroyd (Speaker of House of Commons)


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