Margaret Thatcher Quiz 1

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1. About what did she say in the early 80?s"Failure? The possibility does not exist"?

2. At which Brighton hotel did she survive a bomb in October 1984?

3. During which rally was Mark Thatcher lost in 1982?

4. For which seat was she a candidate before winning Finchley?

5. How did Macmillan describe Margaret Thatcher's privatization policy?

6. The scrapping of which benefit brought controversy in June 1971?

7. What was Geoffrey Howe's cabinet position when he resigned in 1990?

8. Which project did she give the go-ahead to in January 1986?

9. Which Thatcher aide was killed by a bomb in the House of Commons car park in March 1979?

10. Which three Labour leaders did Thatcher beat in general elections?  


1. Falklands invasion

2. Grand Hotel

3. Paris-Dakar

4. Dartford

5. Selling the family silver

6. Free school milk

7. Deputy prime minister

8. Channel Tunnel

9. Airey Neave

10. Callaghan, Foot and Kinnock


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