20th Century British PMs Quiz 1

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1. Who was PM at the turn of the century? (i.e. on 1/1/1900)

2. Who was the last PM of a Liberal Government?

3. Who was the first Labour PM?

4. Who immediately followed Harold Macmillan as PM?

5. Who was the last peer to become PM?

6. How many Labour PM's had there been in the 20th century?

7. Who was PM during the abdication crisis of 1936?

8. What forced Bonar Law to resign as PM in the early 1920's?

9. Who was the longest serving PM of the 20th century?

10. Which PM played the organ and was a yachtsman?  


1. Lord Salisbury (1895-1902).

2. Herbert Asquith (Lloyd George only ever headed coalitions).

3. Ramsey Macdonald.

4. Sir Alec Douglas-Home.

5. Lord Home of the Hirsel, same chap as above - renounced his peerage to enter the House of Commons.

6. Five; Ramsey Macdonald, Clement Attlee, Harold Wilson, Jim Callaghan and Tony Blair.

7. Stanley Baldwin.

8. Illness.

9. Margaret Thatcher.

10. Ted Heath


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