Margaret Thatcher Quiz 2

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1. As a barrister what did she specialise in?

2. In an interview before the 1990 Brit Awards Thatcher named two of her favourite tunes. 'Telstar' was one; what was the other?

3. In which department was her first shadow ministerial job?

4. What did Sir Alan Walters advise Thatcher on?

5. What is the date of Margaret Thatcher's birthday?

6. What was the first volume of her autobiography called?

7. Where was Margaret Thatcher when news came that she had failed to win the first leadership ballot?

8. Where was Thatcher described as a circus buffoon in September 1990?

9. Which Oxford college did she attend?

10. Which three Labour leaders did Thatcher beat in general elections?

11. Who signed the Anglo-Irish Agreement with Thatcher in 1985?

12. Who was second to Thatcher in the Tory leadership battle in 1975?

13. Whom did Geoffrey Howe back in the Heseltine/Hurd/Major contest?

14. Whom did she describe as 'A man we can do business with'?

15. Whom did Thatcher quote on the steps of No 10 on becoming prime minister?

16. Why could Mrs Thatcher have been called Lady Thatcher from 1990?  


1. Taxation law

2. How Much is That Doggie in the Window?

3. Transport

4. Economic affairs

5. October 13th

6. The Downing Street Years

7. Paris

8. Iraqi press

9. Somerville

10. Callaghan, Foot and Kinnock

11. Dr Garret FitzGerald

12. William Whitelaw

13. Heseltine

14. Gorbachev

15. St Francis of Assisi

16. Denis Thatcher was knighted


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