Royal Wedding 2011 Quiz 1

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1. Who is elder, William or Kate?

2. Which University did William and Kate both attend?

3. In what same degree subject did they both commence studies?

4. Where did William propose to Kate?

5. Where in the UK is William currently stationed?

6. What RAF rank does William currently hold?

7. Kate, if and when she becomes Queen will be Queen Catherine the what?

8. What Premier League Football Club does William support?

9. Where will the wedding ceremony take place in London?

10. The Prince William Cup is contested in Rugby Union between Wales and which other test side?


1. Kate by 6 months

2. St Andrews

3. History of Art

4. Mount Kenya, Kenya

5. Angelsey, RAF Valley

6. Flght Lieutenant

7. Sixth

8. Aston Villa

9. Westminster Abbey

10. South Africa


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