People of the World Quiz 1

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1. Name the hunter-gatherer race found in the African rain forest?

2. The aboriginal tribe Ainu come from which country?

3. What was the name of the 17th century Dutch language in S Africa?

4. What percentage of the world is Chinese?

5. A Monagask comes from which country?

6. What country has a currency called Zloty?

7. What people are known as Eskimos even though they hate to be called it?

8. What is the national language of Pakistan?

9. Walloons come from which country?

10. How do the Romany gypsies get their name?  


1. Pygmies

2. Japan

3. Afrikaans

4. 25%

5. Monaco

6. Poland

7. Inuit

8. Urdu

9. Belgium

10. From Egypt  


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