Ronnie Barker Quiz 1

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Many thanks go to Dave Murten for this round. Dave presents his quiz at The Waterloo Pub in Blackpool, UK. Many thanks Dave.

1. In Porridge, what was the full name of the character he played?

2. What was the name of the prison?

3. Who was the actor who played Mr Barrowclough and also appeared regularly in Last of the Summer Wine?

4. David Jason played a prisoner in Porridge, what was his name?

5. Where was the prison supposed to be?

6. Which actress played the nurse that Arkwright lusted after in Open All Hours?

7. Which actress who appeared in Last of the Summer Wine, played Mrs Blewitt, a regular customer in Arkwright?s shop?

8. Arkwright often speculated that Granville?s father was of which nationality?

9. What was the name of the character that Granville dreamed of having an affair with?

10. How old was Ronnie when he died in 2005?  


1. Norman Stanley Fletcher

2. HMP Slade

3. Brian Wilde

4. Blanco

5. Cumberland (Cumbria)

6. Lynda Baron

7. Kathy Staff

8. Hungarian

9. Julie the milk lady

10. 76


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