Couples and Pairs Quiz 3

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1. Who wrote the musical score for the 1955 film Oklahoma?

2. Who is Warren Beattys famous film star sister?

3. With which other famous stars did Buddy Holly die?

4. William Abbott and Louis Cristillo were the real names of which famous duo?

5. Who played Lucille Balls husband in the TV show AI Love Lucy?

6. Which actor and actress starred in the original film Brief Encounter?

7. Which American President was once married to actress Jane Wyman?

8. Who partnered the Earp brothers at the shoot out at the OK Corral?

9. In the run-up to the 1992 US elections which two politicians turned to radio to reach voters directly?

10. What is the name of the Princess Royal?s husband?  


1. Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein II

2. Shirley MacLaine

3. The Big Boppa and Richie Valens

4. Abbott and Costello

5. Her real husband - Desi Arnez

6. Trevor Howard and Celia Johnson

7. Ronald Reagan

8. Doc Holiday

9. Bill Clinton and Ross Perot

10. Timothy Lawrence  


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