Pot Luck Quiz 15

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1. On the London Underground map, what colour is the Northern Line?

2. What is Liverpool?s main station?

3. With what record company do we associate Richard Branson?

4. Audiowise, What do the initials CD stand for?

5. Where did the Queen Mother live in London?

6. What canal joins the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans?

7. What?s the Friday before Easter Sunday called?

8. Who starred in the title role in the film Hello Dolly?

9. What sport is played at ?The All England Club??

10. Off which sub-continent does the island of Sri-Lanka lie?

11. What type of house are hops dried in?

12. Where are wine glasses placed at a table setting?

13. How much blood money did Judas Iscarriot achieve?

14. What does the Greek word ?geo? as in geography denote?

15. What type of dance do native women perform for tourists in Hawaii?

16. Which London Theatre has the same name as a hard white metal with atomic number 46?

17. How did shipyard inspector James J. Kilroy designate equipment as being satisfactory?

18. Colonel Paul W Tibbets was a decorated US Bomber Pilot in World War 2, but his mothers name is better remembered, what was her name??

19. Who is buried at the Arc de Triomphe?

20. What does a ?Gallophobic? Englishman fear?


1. Black

2. Lime Street

3. Virgin

4. Compact Disc

5. Clarence House

6. The Panama Canal

7. Good Friday

8. Barbara Streisand

9. Tennis

10. India

11. An oast-house

12. To the right.

13. 30 Pieces of silver

14. Earth

15. The hula

16. Palladium

17. Kilroy was here

18. Enola Gay

19. The unknown soldier

20. France or anything French


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