Pot Luck Quiz 16

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1) Which playwright described fox hunting as ?the unspeakable in full pursuit of the uneatable??

2) What is the correct anatomical name for the thighbone?

3) Which coronation street family inherited ?30,000 in the summer of 95?

4) Who was the last golfer of the 1980s to win the BBC Sports Personality of the year?

5) Through which country does the Orinocco run for most of its 1000 miles?

6) Complete the lyrics of a well known Beatles song ?Picture yourself in a boat on a river with Tangerine Trees and...??

7) What do Micra, Prarie and Primera have in Common?

8) Which food is eaten the most throughout the world?

9) From which musical does the duet ?I know him so well? come?

10) According to the proverb what is the road to hell paved with?

11) Which food not rationed during World War II, was rationed after it?

12) In which year did Winston Churchill die?

13) What is the name of the marmalade cat created by Kathleen Hale, which shares its name with an American city?

14) For what is the Medoc area of France famous?

15) What are Cheshire, Gouda and Gorgonzola?

16) How is Cherilyn La Pier better known?

17) Gavrillo Pricip is famous for shooting whom in Sarajevo?

18) Which monarchs sat on the Peacock throne?

19) Who first claimed that the world was not flat but a sphere?

20) Which animals communicate by touch, smell and dance?

21) Which word meaning letter is in titles of books of the bible?

22) What paper is used to test acid and alkali?

23) What are the initials of the English writer Priestley?

24) Who presented the first ever edition of Mastermind?

25) How many seconds are there in a quarter of an hour?

26) What day follows Shrove Tuesday?

27) Diana Ross, Florence Ballard and Mary Wilson formed what?

28) How is the UK golfing term albatross known in America?

29) Where is Charles Darwin buried?

30) What type of animal is a vmi vmi  


1) Oscar Wilde

2) Femur

3) The Duckworths

4) Nick Faldo in 1989

5) Venezuela

6) Marmalade Skies

7) They are all cars made by Nissan

8) Rice

9) Chess

10) Good Intentions

11) Bread

12) 1965

13) Orlando (thanks to Ian for correcting the question)

14) Wines

15) Cheese

16) Cher

17) Archduke Ferdinad

18) Iran

19) Pythagoras

20) Bees

21) Epistle

22) Litmus

23) Jb

24) Magnus Magnusson

25) 900

26) Ash Wednesday

27) The Supremes

28) Double Eagle

29) Westminster Abbey

30) A Pig  


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