Pot Luck Quiz 6

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1. Which 1980 historical whodunnit and murder mystery opens with the first words "In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God, and the Word was God."

2. Put the following countries in order of the amount of currently active nuclear power stations (nuclear reactors), starting with the country with the most amount of active nuclear power stations:
  a: India, b: China, c: France, d: Russia

3. Who wrote the music and lyrics for the musical Evita? (Two names required here for full points).

4. True or false: Madagascar has no poisonous snakes.

5. Deep Thought was an IBM-produced chess computer, named after the super computer in which famous work of fiction?

6. What is the official unit used for measuring the depth of water?

7. Which battle of 1805 is sometimes referred to as The Battle of the three Emperors?

8. Of which people was Atahualpa the last leader?

9. Lech Walesa becomes president of Poland. First showing of "Have I got news for you" on BBC TV. Nelson Mandela was released. All new cars in Europe have to be capable of running on unleaded petrol. But what was the year?

10. What was on board the first ever hot air balloon flight back in 1783?
  a: 3 Murderers, b: 3 Animals, c: 3 Brothers or d: 3 Dummies?

11. Who was the lead singer with the Bay City Rollers?

12. True for most vertibrates, which organ produces Bile?

13. What was the NATO reporting name of the Soviet nuclear ballistic missile RT-21M Pioneer?

14. Which obese English King was described by 'The Times' as a 'hard-drinking, swearing man who at all times would prefer a girl and a bottle to politics and a sermon'?

15. Which fat, jolly, and somewhat disreputable character appears in Shakespeare's Henry IV and Merry Wives of Windsor?

16. Which Canadian province has cities called Moosejaw, Prince Albert and Yorkton?

17. For which well known 1970s film were the entire cast nominated for an Oscar?

18. In rugby union who captained in England in the 1995 world cup?

19. During which war was the Battle of Camden fought?

20. What is the surname of Bender in TV's Futurama?

21. In which modern country was the battle of Marengo fought, at which Napoleon's forces narrowly defeated the Austrians?

22. Who said in 1987, "I'm in a no-win situation, and quite honestly I can tell you I've just got a good mind to take the easy way out. That's the bottom line"?

23. The name for which kind of very elderly person stems from the Persian word for wax? Five letters

24. How does a member of the U.S. Armed Forces qualify for a Purple Heart?

25. Between the years 1999 and 2006, which singer has sold the most amount of albums worldwide?

26. What was the very first cargo to be regularly transported by train in Germany?

27. Food:
  a: What general name is given to Indian food cooked in a clay oven?
  b: What distinguishes Gruyere cheese from most other cheeses?
  c: From which continent does Couscous originate?
  d: What sort of meat is used in the Greek dish Kleftiko?


1. The Name of the Rose, by Umberto Eco (First published in Italian in 1980 under the title "Il nome della rosa").

2. Correct order is c, d, a, b, so France (59 reactors), Russia (31 reactors), India (17 reactors), China (11 reactors).

3. Music by Andrew Lloyd Webber and lyrics by Tim Rice.

4. False, it has one.

5. The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

6. The metre (not Fathom, as I am sure many would suggest, the fathom is the old imperial measurement).

7. Battle of Austerlitz.

8. The Incas.

9. 1990.

10. b: 3 Animals.

11. Les McKeown.

12. The liver (stored in the gallbladder).

13. SS-20 (or SS-20 Saber).

14. George IV.

15. Sir John Falstaff.

16. Saskatchewan.

17. Sleuth.

18. Will Carling.

19. American War of Independence.

20. Bender Bending Rodr?guez.

21. Italy.

22. Prince Charles.

23. Mummy.

24. Receives a wound in action.

25. Britney Spears.

26. Beer.

27. a: Tandoori, b: Holes, c: (North) Africa, d: Lamb.


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