Pot Luck Quiz 7

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1. When did the Spanish Civil War start and finish (years)?

2. Besides Marie Curie (n?e Sklodowska) and Pierre Curie, who else won the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1903?

3. What is the Malay word for "mad with rage"? Four letters.

4. In which European country did the Aster Revolution take place between the 28th and 31st of October 1918?

5. What is the name of Data's cat in Star Trek: The Next Generation?

6. Except for Russia, the Caucasus Mountains are situated in four other countries. Name them.

7. The source of the Danube river is found in which country?

8. Marlon Brando, Rod Steiger, Ian Holm, Charles Boyer and Dennis Hopper have all played which historical character in film?

9. Which famous ship sank, or rather, disappeared in the Denmark Strait on the 24th of May 1941?

10. What is the very well known Russian word for 'howler' or 'barker'?

11. Who previously held the NHL all time goal scoring record before it was broken by 'the great one' Wayne Gretzky?

12. Which country consumes one third of each years worldwide tuna fish catch?

13. Finally, after all these years, Chinese Democracy. Explain.

14. Italy has a boot and a leg.  The name of which Italian city stems from the Latin word for knee?

15. The name of whih part of the USA stems from a word meaning ten?

16. All of the following once worked in which kind of enclosure? Bob Hoskins, W.C. Fields, Pierce Brosnan, Harry Houdini, Roberto Benigni, Burt Lancaster and Christoper Walken

17. Unlike most healthy people, schizophrenics usually do not react to which common reflex as if it were contagious?

18. Which wind of North America shares its name with a helicopter?

19. The name for which unmistakable group of people may well stem from the Latin word for cooking?

20. What natural disaster devastated the American Midwest in August 1993?

21. Whose funeral in County Cork, attracted former fellow "hell raisers" Alex Higgins and Richard Harris?

22. Who Played Dustin Hoffmans Wife In The Film Straw Dogs?

23. What have the author of "The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire", the world's leading authority on stamps and Britain's greatest wood carver in common?

24. What did the films Who's afraid of Virginia Woolf?, The Snake Pit and One Flew Over The Cuckoo?s Nest have in common?


1. (17th July) 1936 to (1st April) 1939.

2. (Antoine) Henri Becquerel

3. Amok

4. Hungary.

5. Spot.

6. Georgia, Azerbaijan, Armenia and a small corner of Turkey.

7. Germany

8. Napoleon

9. H.M.S. Hood

10. Laika

11. Gordie Howe

12. Japan

13. 'Chinese Democracy' is the name of the first Guns 'n Roses album in 15 years. 

14. Genoa - Latin genu (knee)

15. Dixie  (Dix, French for ten. Found originally on bank notes in New Orleans)

16. Circus 'circle'

17. Yawning

18. Chinook.

19. Cockney (Latin coquina).

20. Floods

21. Oliver Reed

22. Susan George

23. They are all Gibbons.

24. Insanity.


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