Pot Luck Quiz 1

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The following General Knowledge Quiz Round was submitted by Peter Glover from the UK. Many thanks Peter.

1. Which country was the first to give women the right to vote?

2. What is a 1/3 of a ? ?

3. According to the bible on which day did God make the Sun the Moon and the Stars?

4. What are the five most often used sources of renewable energy?

5. What is the name of the planet with the most extensive rings?

6. What is the year 2009 when written in Roman Numerals?

7. What is the name for a beavers home?

8. Which is the only vowel not found on a standard keyboard top line?

9. George Washington was the first US President, which number was George Bush Jr.? 

10. What does the term Prima Donna literally mean?

11. What was the beatles last Album called?

12. Name the 6 items used to murder the victim in the board game Cluedo?  

13. What would you probably do if you got pepper in your proboscis?

14. What was Fred Flintstones childs name?

15. In which county is Stonehenge?

16. Name the date of St Georges Day?

17. How is Rubella better known?

18. The name of the French Port over 300 000 Allied soldiers were evacuated from in May/June 1940?

19. The name of the dog in Enid Blyton?s Famous Five books?


1. New Zealand

2. 1/6

3. 4th

4. Wind, Solar, Hydro power, Biomass and Geothermal.

5. Saturn


7. Lodge

8. A

9. 43rd

10. Leading Lady

11.Let it Be (8 May,1970 UK, 18 May,1970 USA) The album Abbey Road was first released 26 Sept 69.

12. Candlestick Rope Lead Pipe Revolver Dagger Spanner

13. Sneeze

14. Pebbles

15. Wiltshire

16. 23rd April

17. German Measels

18. Dun Kirk

19. Timmy


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