Pot Luck Quiz 2

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1. Decades of the 20th century (in which decade were they born)
   a: Madonna
   b: Nelson Mandela
   c: Tim Henman
   d: Robert Redford
   e: Ronnie Barker

2. Trains:
   a: Between which two cities does the Chattanooga Choo Choo run?
   b: Which folk hero do you associate with the Cannonball Express?
   c: What was abolished from British railways in 1956?
   d: What is the name of the most famous train that runs from Cape Town to Pretoria?

3. In which country is the Barosssa valley a famous wine-making region?

4. Who drove the 'Drag-U-La'?

5. Same initials: The answers to the following questions all have the same initials
   a: Where was Nick Nolte down & out in a 1986 film?
   b: Which song by the England football team reached number 1 in 1970?
   c: What is the cockney rhyming slang for look?
   d: Which Dickens novel features a court case of Jarndyce v Jarndyce?
   e: What is the name of the range of mountains in South Dakota in USA?

6. The 'Flying Dutchman' takes its name from the tale of a ship that was 'lost' in a storm off which coast? .

7. What kind of car did the Emma Peel played by Diana Rigg drive in The Avengers?

8. "Girls School" was the record on the other side of which 1977 Christmas No. 1 UK hit about an island? (See comments at bottom of page)

9. Which Beatles' chart-topper contains the line "She's a big teaser, she took me half the way there"?

10. What time of the day is palindromic?

11. Cops Michael Douglas and Andy Garcia tangled with the Japanese Mafia in which 1989 film?

12. On an aircraft what man's name is usually given to the automatic pilot?

13. What is a D-Check?

14. Richard of York Gave battle in Vain is a Mnemonic for what?

15. What has 33 degrees starting with Entered Apprentice and end with Sovereign Grand Inspector general?

16. How are Brown, Colombia, Cornell, Dartmouth, Harvard, Yale, Pennsylvania and Princeton collectively known?

17. What name is given to the serpent/dragon reputed to kill with a single look?

18. What noun describes a flat grassland of tropical or subtropicalregions?

19. Who lived in the bottom of a pillar-box at 221c Baker Street?

20. Which famous cricket Umpire's autobiography was entitled 'White cap and bails'?


1. Answers:
   a: 1950s
   b: 1910s
   c: 1970s
   d: 1930s
   e: 1920s

2. Answers:
   a: New York and Chatanooga
   b: Casey Jones
   c: Third Class travel
   d: The blue train

3. Australia

4. Herman Munster

5. Answers:
   a: Beverley Hills
   b: Back Home
   c: Butchers Hook
   d: Bleak House
   e: Black Hills

6. Off the coast the Cape of good hope, South Africa.

7. Lotus Elan S2

8. Mull of Kintyre

9. Day Tripper

10. Noon

11. Black Rain

12. George

13. When an aircraft undergoes a complete overhaul.

14. Colours of the rainbow

15. Freemasonry

16. Ivy League Universities

17. Basilisk

18. Savannah

19. Dangermouse

20. Dickie Bird


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