Pot Luck Quiz 9

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The following quiz round was submitted by Alan Gurr from the UK.  Many thanks Alan, great job!

1. What is the only river in the world that flows both northwards and southwards across the line of the Equator ?

2. The word PARALYMPICS is a contraction of which two-word phrase ?

3. What is the proper name for the dot over the lower case letter i ?

4. Who, in 1990, became the first Prime Minister.anywhere in the world, to give birth while in Office ?

5. Which European country is the worlds largest producer of false teeth ?

6. What is the ANTONYM of the word SYNONYM ?

7. Before the 2001 tournament, who were the ball boys at Wimbledon warned not to stare at ?

8. 1961 was the last year to read the same upside down, when will be the next ?

9. Why would an Irishman called Kevin Moran be most likely to remember May 18th, 1985 ?

10. Our village cricket team is pretty poor; in last Sundays match every batsman was out, first ball. Given that the batsmen are numbered 1 to 11, which number batsman was left not out at the end of the innings ? 


1. Congo River (it crosses the Equator twice during its journey).

2. Parallel Olympics.

3. Tittle

4. Benazir Bhutto.

5. Liechtenstein.

6. Antonym.

7. Anna Kournikova.

8. 6009.

9. First player to be sent off in a FA Cup Final.

10. Number Eight (remember that the bowling changes ends every over, so No.2 was out on the seventh ball).


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