Pot Luck Quiz 10

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1. Astralwerks, Hed Kandi, Nero and Plastic Fantastic are all examples of what?

2. The estimated unemployment rate in the UK is 5.4%. For each of the following countries, indicate whether the unemployment rate is higher or lower (Q1 2008): 
    a: Germany. 
    b: Greece. 
    c: Monaco. 
    d: United States. 
    e: Ukraine. 
    f: Switzerland. 
    g: Canada. 
    h: Sweden.

3. Jean-Philippe Rameau is best known for what profession?

4. For each of the following titles of Fairy tales in German, give the English name: 
    a: Des Kaisers neue Kleider. 
    b: Schneewittchen. 
    c: Das haessliche Entlein. 
    d: Die Prinzessin auf der Erbse. 
    e: Aschenputtel. 
    f: Der gestiefelte Kater.

5. "I'd Like to Teach the World to Sing" was the biggest selling single in the UK in 1972. Who performed it?

6. The following year (1973), Gary Glitter sold over 1.1 million copies of which song?

7. KSA is the International Olympic Committee code for which country?

8. The FIPS code is a popular numbering system used everyday by millions worldwide. What does a FIPS code indicate? Bonus points if you know what FIPS stands for.

9. Hans Asperger introduced awareness of which brain development disorder to the world in 1938?

10. From which language does the word Glitch originate?

11. Kenya has borders with five other countries. Name them.

12. Hibernia is the old name for which modern day country?

13. Nicholas Breakspear held which title between 4th December 1154 and 1st September 1159?

14. In the UK, one can legally marry from the age of 16 with parental consent and from 18 without consent. What is the legal marriageable age in: 
    a: China - for men. 
    b: Iran - for 'women'. 
    c: Yemen. 
    d: Italy. 
    e: Switzerland.

15. In which country would you find airports with the following airport codes: HER, KGS and CFU?

16. Akashi-Kaikyo is the largest example of what?

17. Limbo, ATLAS, E, Nickle, Python and VHDL are all examples of what?

18. What German car is named after a strong North Atlantic wind?

19. What is the SI unit of luminous intensity?

20. Canada and Russia come first and second in the list of countries with the northermost points. What are numbers 3 and 4 in this list?  


1. Record labels.

2. Eight Answers: 
    a: Higher, 9.1%. 
    b: Higher, 8.4%. 
    c: Much Lower, virtually 0%. 
    d: Lower, 5.1%. 
    e: Lower, 2.5%. 
    f: Lower, 3.1%. 
    g: Higher, 5.9%. 
    h: Lower, 4.5%.

3. Classical music composer of the Baroque era.

4. Six Answers: 
    a: The Emperor's New Clothes. 
    b: Snow White. 
    c: The Ugly Duckling. 
    d: The Princess and the Pea. 
    e: Cinderella. 
    f: Puss in Boots.

5. The New Seekers.

6. I Love You Love Me Love.

7. Saudi Arabia.

8. The states of the USA. (Federal Information Processing Standard state code) eg; FL is Florida.

9. Autism.

10. German - Glitschig, meaning 'slippery'.

11. Ethiopia to the north, Somalia to the east, Tanzania to the south, Uganda to the west, and Sudan to the northwest, with the Indian Ocean running along the southeast border.

12. ?ire (official Irish name), Ireland (official English name).

13. Pope - Pope Adrian IV.

14. Five Answers: 
    a: 22 for men, 20 for women. 
    b: 13 for women, 15 for men. 
    c: 9. 
    d: 18, 16 with consent from parents. 
    e: 18.

15. Greece - HER (Heraklion), KGS (Kos), CFU (Corfu).

16. Suspension bridge (already completed and in use) - Span 1,991m (6,529ft).

17. Computer programming languages.

18. Passat (Volkswagen).

19. Candela (cd). (Derived from the candlepower).

20. Norway and then the USA. 


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