Pot Luck Quiz 11

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The following quiz round was submitted by Alan Gurr from the UK. Many thanks Alan, great job!

1. If two ships find they are on a head-on collision course, what do the 'rules of the road' at sea require them BOTH to do?

2. The songs Brown Sugar, Heartbreak Hotel, Let It Be, and Vienna, all have something particular in common, what is it ?

3. Who was the mother of both Richard The Lionheart and King John

4. During the Cold War, Britain had 4 Polaris submarines, named after famous Battle ships; Renown and Repulse were two, what were the other two called ?

5. In the lubricant and rust-prevention spray WD40, what does the WD stand for?

6. How tall, in centimetres, is an Oscar statuette?

7. Which two cities are connected by Britains longest road?

8. In 1954, when Roger Bannister ran the mile in under 4 minutes, what was the actual time to the nearest second?

9. What was the nationality of the first non-Italian Pope since the year 1523 ?

10. On 4th January 2000, Catherine Hartley became the first British woman to walk to the South Pole, which Flag did she plant there?


1. Hard To Starboard (Both turn right!)

2. Only reached no. 2 in the Charts

3. Eleanor Of Aquitaine

4. Revenge and Resolution

5. Water Displacement

6. 34 cm

7. London and Edinburgh (The A1 is 409 miles/658 km long)

8. 3 minutes 59 seconds (nowadays, of course, the timing mechanism would be much more precise)

9. Polish (John Paul II), born Karol Josef Wojtyla

10. The Blue Peter flag


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