How does Pauls Quizz work?

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The quiz consists of 4 rounds.
During each round the host asks a series of questions, and the teams, numbering between 1 and 15 participants, record their answers on their score sheet.  You can download score sheets here.

  • It is possible to have either one score sheet per team for the entire competition or a separate score sheet per team per round.  This latter option usually is preferred by most quizmasters as they do not need to give the score sheets back to the team after announcing the correct answers.  It also gives a little more space on the score sheet for the team to make notes.

  • At the conclusion of each round the sheets are collected and marked by either the host or an assistant.

  • Once the entire round has been marked the sheets are handed back to the teams (assuming that you have only one score sheet per team), correct answers and scores for the round are read out, and then the next round of questions commences.

  • Prizes can also be given for each individual round. 

  • At the conclusion of the 4 rounds, total scores are added up and prizes are awarded to the winning team or teams, depending on how many prizes you wish to honour.

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