What do I need to run a quiz?

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The five main ingredients need to run a quiz are:

 1. Suitable Venue
 2. Effective Promotion
 3. Entertaining Host
 4. Great Questions 
 5. Prizes

Once these have been taken care of you are set for a great event.

A Suitable venue

Church and school halls; pubs; clubs; bars; and restaurants all make excellent venues for a quiz. Any large space with tables and chairs for teams to sit around is fine. If the venue is a large one, or you are expecting a numerous or particularly boisterous crowd, make sure that you have a microphone/public address system in place. If you plan on selling food and drink at the event to maximize your earnings, make sure the venue can accommodate this.

An Effective Promotion

Spread the word. Make sure that as many people as possible find out about the event. Quizzes are notoriously good fun for participants, so often the only limitation to attendance is how well the events themselves are advertised.

An Entertaining Host

A terrific host can make a good quiz! A confident, well-spoken speaker, happy with being the centre of the crowd’s attention, will do fine. As all the questions are provided, the host's job is an easy one!

Great Quiz Questions

Using our quizzes you can run a professional and seamless event, altering your questions to cater to your needs. Our questions are varied and well-researched.  There should be no questioning of the quizmaster as we have taken extreme care that our questions are factually accurate and not ambiguous in any way.  Each 'one answer' question has exactly that, one answer.  Remember, the quizmaster is always right!


Even though Quizzes are often run as charity events or as fundraisers it is still important to award prizes to winning participants. We recommend giving out small prizes at the end of each round and then the major prize at the conclusion of the event  Another idea could be to constantly give updates of the overall scores at the end of each round as well as announce which team is in the running currently for each prize. This ensures continuing interest from all teams, not only those in the lead. Prizes are usually sought out from sponsors prior to event and are usually bottles of wine, boxes of chocolate, gift-certificates, beer crates, food etc... simply whatever you can lay your hands on.

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