Quiz of the Year 2007 - Part 1

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Mystery Year QuizThis is the first part of our special Quiz of the Year 2007 series. All questions and answers are based on events that took place during the year 2007.

1. From February 18th 2007, 2007 in Chinese culture was known as the year of which animal?

2. In January 2007:
    a. which two countries joined the European Union?
    b. which country joined the Euro, the single European currency? (and for a bonus point, which currency did the Euro replace?)

3. Also in January, Ban Ki-moon became the United Nations Secretary-General, replacing Kofi Annan. From which country does Ban Ki-moon come?

4. Fighters of the Islamic Courts Union abandoned their last stronghold in Kismayo and fled for the Kenyan border.  In which country does Kismayo lie?

5. Which country joined the World Trade Organization as its 150th member?

6. The brightest comet to appear in over 40 years became visible over the Southern Hemisphere. What is the name of this comet?

7. In February, which world leader was questioned for a second time in the 'cash for peerages (Cash for Honours)' probe as a witness?

8. Also in February, which country's President signed a series of economic deals with Sudan?

9. What was found at Bernard Matthew's turkey farm in Suffolk, United Kingdom?

10. In March, bombs containing which gas injured hundreds in Baghdad, Iraq?

11. The 2007 Formula 1 World Championship began in which city?

12. Which European country introduced a smoking ban in public places on April the second, 2007?

13. Iranian military personnel seized excatly how many Royal Navy personnel during March 2007 and held them prisoner for twelve days? For a bonus point, from which ship were they seized?

14. In April 2007, severe clashes between two rival factions erupted in Parachinar. In which country is Parachinar?

15. Golf : who won the 2007 Masters Tournament?

16. Who defeated S?gol?ne Royal with 53% of the vote in a Presidential Election?

17. Subtropical Storm Andrea forms off the coast of which state, the earliest subtropical storm since Subtropical Storm Ana in 2003?

18. Which nation won the Eurovision Song Contest 2007, which was held in Helsinki?

19. Six Letters, the name of the scandal in the Tour de France.

20. A 2100 year old what was discovered by archaeologists in western Japan:
    a. Ship
    b. Melon
    c. Human skeleton
    d. Chopstick?

21. In June 2007, a mudflow destroyed the Valley of Geysers in which country?

22. Also in June, which highly anticipated electronic gadget was finally released in the USA?

23. A Jeep Cherokee was driven into the entrance of the main terminal of which International Airport (in an apparent terrorist incident, resulting in a petrol-driven fire)?


1. The year of the Boar (accept also, year of the pig) - in Chinese culture, the pig is associated with fertility and virility. To bear children in the year of the pig is considered to be very fortunate, for they will be happy and honest

2. Two Answers:
    a. Bulgaria and Romania
    b. Slovenia, replacing the Tolar

3. South Korea

4. Somalia

5. Vietnam

6. Comet McNaught

7. Ex-British Prime Minister, Tony Blair

8. China - President Hu Jintao

9. The deadly H5N1 strain of bird flu

10. Chlorine

11. Melbourne, Australian Grand Prix

12. Wales

13. 15 - they were seized from HMS Cornwall

14. Pakistan, Parachinar is a tribal area of Pakistan bordering the famous Tora Bora Heights

15. Zach Johnson

16. Nicolas Sarkozy - elected President of the French Republic

17. Florida

18. Serbia

19. Doping

20. b. Melon

21. Russia

22. Apple's iphone

23. Glasgow


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