Quiz of the Year 2006

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1. On 17th September, Germany officially got its very own Pirate Party. In which country was the "original" Pirate Party founded on 1st January?

2. Which American/Western "icon" did Libyan leader Colonel Gaddafi claim as "African" on 11th September?

3. Which city is "Cultural City of Europe 2006" until 31st December: 
    a) Patras, b) Cork, c) Lille, d) Rotterdam or e) Graz?

4. Which country paid off its entire debt of US $ 9,5 billion to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) in the first week of January: 
    a) Argentina, b) Afghanistan, c) Sudan or d) Belgium?

5. How many Grand Prix races did Michael Schumacher win in his last Formula One season?

6. In October, Chris De Burgh claimed on the religious TV show 'Heaven and Earth' that he could 
    a) sing, b) cure people with his hands, c) speak with God or d) turn water into Whiskey?

7. Which football club are winners of the Intertoto Cup 2006?

8. On 15th November, the most expensive Andy Warhol painting ever was sold at Christie's for $17.36m. Whom does it depict: 
    a) Marilyn Monroe, b) Jackie Kennedy, c) Mao Tse-Tung or d) David Bowie?

9. Which popular video sharing website did Google purchase for US$1.65 billion in October?

10. In August, British supermarket chain Tesco announced plans to sell melons that are 
    a) square-shaped, b) salt & vinegar-flavoured, c) blue or d) have edible skin?

11. Which planet of our solar system was demoted to the status of "dwarf planet" at the International Astronomical Union meeting on 24th August?

12. Which country won the 2006 Davis Cup?

13. The German websites of which carmaker were temporarily removed from the Google index in February?

14. On 11th February, US Vice-President Dick Cheney went hunting and shot 78-year-old lawyer Harry Whittington. What was his intended target?

15. Which former East German "spy master" died in Berlin on 9th November?

16. Against which computer program world did chess champion Vladimir Kramnik play a six game match in November/December? (BQ: How many of the games did he win?)

17. Who invented and portrayed the controversial Kazakh journalist Borat Sagdiyev?

18. The works of which artist were shown in an exhibition titled "The quest of a genius" in Berlin's Gem?ldegalerie from 4th August till 5th November?

19. In August, US scientists found the first direct evidence of the existence of 
    a) extraterrestrial life, b) dark matter, c) Suri Cruise or d) the Yeti?

20. Which two famous paintings by Edvard Munch, stolen in 2004, were recovered on 31 August? (1 point per correct answer)

21. In October, playboy millionaire Hugh Hefner admitted that he was bored of sex and now preferred to do what with his bunnies?

22. On 24th February, the World population had reached what figure? (+/-200 million)

23. Which former TV star who had been claiming that he was hoff the booze was banned from a BA flight for being completely drunk on 26th July?

24. In January, Sony Music announced the launch of the first major gay music label. What was it called?

25. According to Forbes magazine's list of "2006 Top-Earning Dead Celebrities", published in October, who is the richest dead celebrity?

26. How much did US investment guru Warren Buffett donate to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation in June, making it the largest charitable donation in history? (+/-US$ 500 million)

27. What did veterinarians remove in a 2-hour operation from the stomach of Burmese python "Houdini" in July?

28. In the Chinese calendar, 2006 is the Year of the 
    a) Dog, b) Monkey, c) Dragon or d) Turkey?

29. Which former African head of state, nicknamed "The Big Crocodile", died on 31st October?

30. On 21st January, Steve Hitch won the 45th Annual Tuna Toss Championship at the Tunarama Festival in Port Lincoln, Australia. How far did he throw his 10kg frozen tuna fish? (+/- 5 m)

31. How many times did NASA send space shuttles into space in 2006?

32. On 22nd August, Tom Cruise got "thrown out" by which film studio? (BQ: On 2nd November, he and his producing partner Paula Wagner took charge of which film company?)

33. Which former President of the United States died on 26th December, aged 93?

34. Which country did not send their first astronaut into space in 2006: 
    a) Sweden, b) Brazil, c) Israel or d) Iran?

35. Which country hosted the 2006 Ryder cup?

36. What was lying around in front of the Japanese embassy in Berlin on 18th January?

37. On 19th February Shani Davis became the first black athlete to win a Winter Olympic individual gold medal. In which event? (BQ: what country is he from?)

38. On 14th November, the Parliament of South Africa passed a law to legalize what?

39. Who scored the first and the last goal of the 2006 Football World Cup (incl. penalties)? (1 point per correct answer)

40. Which word was named "HollyWORD of 2006" 
    a) Brangelina, b) Petronoia, c) Pimping or d) Brokeback?

41. Which team won the 2006 Boat Race between Cambridge and Oxford on 2nd April?

42. On 3rd March, Paul Gadd was sentenced to 3 years for molesting two young girls in Vietnam. By what name is he better known?

43. Which European royal admitted in May that he loved dogs - just slightly grilled or saut?ed?

44. In which country was Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt's baby daughter born on 27 May? (BQ: what are her names?) (1 point per correct answer)


1. Sweden

2. Coca Cola

3. a) Patras

4. a) Argentina

5. seven

6. b) cure people with his hands

7. Newcastle United

8. c) Mao Tse-Tung

9. YouTube.com

10. a) square-shaped

11. Pluto

12. Russia

13. BMW

14. quail

15. Markus Wolf

16. Deep Fritz (2)

17. Sasha Baron Cohen

18. Rembrandt

19. b) dark matter

20. The Scream & Madonna

21. have a game of dominoes

22. 6.5 billion

23. David Hasselhoff

24. Music with a Twist

25. Curt Cobain

26. 31 billion USD

27. a queen-size electric blanket -- with the electrical cord and control box

28. a) Dog

29. Pieter Willem Botha

30. 17.10 m

31. 3 times (Discovery in July & December, Atlantis in September)

32. Paramount (United Artists)

33. Gerald Ford

34. c) Israel

35. Ireland

36. a 17 metre, 20-ton dead fin whale

37. men's 1000m speed skating (USA)

38. same-sex marriage

39. Philipp Lahm, Fabio Grosso

40. d) Brokeback

41. Oxford

42. Gary Glitter

43. Prince Henrik of Denmark

44. Namibia (Shiloh Nouvel)


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