Quiz of the Year 1974

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Mystery Year Quiz1. Why did the Brazilian government refuse to extradite Ronnie Biggs, the Great Train Robber who escaped from jail?

2. Which public information service was broadcast for the first time?

3. What circumstances preceded Lord Lucan's disappearance?

4. In the TV series, Kojak, which phrase was popularised by the leading actor, Telly Savalas?

5. What was rather extraordinary about Jimmy Connors and Chris Evert winning the singles titles at Wimbledon?

6. Which group of revolutionaries kidnapped the 19-year-old heiress, Patty Hearst?

7. Which popular restaurant chain, opened its first British outlet in South London

8. Which British boxer won the world light-heavyweight title?

9. Which show, featuring Glenda Jackson, was the most popular Christmas TV show in 1974?

10. It cost 42p in January and had gone up to 72p in December, upsetting an awful lot of people. What was it?


1. He had a Brazilian child

2. Ceefax Teletext

3. Murder of his nanny

4. Who loves ya, baby

5. They were engaged to each other

6. Symbionese Liberation Army

7. McDonalds

8. John Conteh

9. Morecambe & Wise Show

10. A gallon of petrol


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