Quiz of the Year 1995

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Mystery Year Quiz1. With whom was Hugh Grant caught in a compromising position?

2. Which film about the spiritual redemption of a murderer on death row starred Susan Sarandon and Sean Penn?

3. Which of The Kray Twins died in this year?

4. For what reason was the Alfred Murrah building in the news?

5. Which journalist persuaded Princess Diana to give a now legendary interview to Panorama?

6. Which children's TV programme was axed after almost 30 years because of it's limited appeal to children?

7. Which high speed stage hit promised '160 legs and 3,500 taps per minute?

8. Whose last words were that he and Freddie Mercury would have some great parties together in heaven?

9. Which bank collapsed after one of its traders lost 167 billion pounds on the Japanese futures markets?

10. For what did Damien Hirst win the Turner Prize this year?

11. Which bank collapsed after one of its traders lost ?17?

12. What was the name of the deadly nerve gas that was released into a Tokyo subway?

13. For which film did Tom Hanks win an Oscar?

14. Why did Cliff Richard, Harry Secombe and Vera Lynn sing outside Buckingham Palace?

15. What didn't fit in the trial of O.J. Simpson?

16. David Trimble was elected the leader of what?

17. Why was Philip Walton briefly a national hero?

18. What was the address at which Fred and Rosemary West committed their murders?

19. What was the accident that caused Christopher Reeve to become paralysed?

20. Which controversial artist was awarded the Turner Prize?


1. Divine Brown

2. Dead Man Walking

3. Ronnie Kray

4. Oklahoma City Bombing

5. Martin Bashir

6. Jackanory

7. Riverdance

8. Kenny Everett

9. Barings

10. Half A Pickled Calf

11. Barings Bank

12. Sarin

13. Forrest Gump

14. 50th anniversary of VE day

15. Gloves

16. Ulster Unionists

17. His putt won the Ryder Cup for Europe

18. 25, Cromwell Street

19. Fell off a horse

20. Damien Hirst


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