Quiz of the Year 1990

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Mystery Year Quiz1. Who did James 'Buster' Douglas knock out to win a world heavy weight championship fight in Tokyo?

2. Which British city was inaugurated as the Cultural Capital of Europe for 1990?

3. What was John Major's job in the British cabinet prior to him becoming Prime Minister?

4. What was the title of the film about Christy Brown, a handicapped Dublin writer, that won an Oscar for Daniel Day Lewis?

5. At which prison was their a 25 day riot and siege?

6. On April 15th, Greta Garbo died. What is her most famous line, as said in the 1932 movie, Grand Hotel?

7. Why did Sheikh Jaber al-Ahmed flee to Saudi Arabia?

8. What is the name of the revolutionary space telescope that was launched from one of the space shuttles?

9. What did a fifth of Glasgow's adult population refuse to do?

10. What nickname was given to General Manuel Noriega, the fallen leader of Panama?


1. Mike Tyson

2. Glasgow

3. Chancellor of the Exchequer

4. My left Foot

5. Strangeways

6. I want to be alone

7. He was the emir of Kuwait at the time of the Iraqi invasion

8. Hubble

9. Pay Poll Tax

10. Pineaple Face


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