Quiz of the Year 1963

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Mystery Year Quiz1. What was British MP Tony Benn allowed to do following the passing of the Peerage Bill?

2. In the Profumo affair, what was Dr. Stephen Ward accused of?

3. After a massive police search, what did they eventually find at Leatherslade Farm?

4. Which tournament, won by a team called Sussex, was the very first of its kind?

5. What did a 52 year old Striptease club owner, called Jack Rubenstein ,do that won the approval of millions of Americans?

6. What was the key phrase used by Martin Luther King when he addressed 200,000 people during a civil rights demonstration?

7. What resulted in the closure of over 2,000 railway stations and the loss of 67,000 jobs?

8. Which country became the 34th independent African country under the leadership of Jomo Kenyatta?

9. Which political and satirical TV program was axed by the BBC due to the presenters showing lack of respect?

10. Who did Harold Wilson succeed as leader of the Labour party?


1. Renounce his peerage and sit in the House of Commons

2. Living off immoral earnings

3. Great Train Robber's hideout

4. One-day cricket competition

5. Murdered Lee Harvey Oswald

6. I have a dream

7. The Beeching report

8. Kenya

9. That was the week that was

10. Hugh Gaitskell (Hugh Todd Naylor Gaitskell (9 April 1906 ? 18 January 1963) was a British politician, leader of the Labour Party from 1955 until his death in 1963)


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