Quiz of the Year 1996

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Mystery Year Quiz

1. Which singer's daughter, Lourdes was born in October?

2. Who was flat racing's champion jockey for the 11th time in his career?

3. Which Daily Mirror agony aunt died in November?

4. Which group performed together for the final time on 4th April?

5. Who umpired his final Test cricket match in June?

6. Which unseeded tennis player won the Wimbledon men's singles title?

7. Chances Peak, a 3,000 ft. volcano erupted and covered Plymouth, the capital, with volcanic ash on which Caribbean island?

8. Whose joke book was recovered more than a year after it disappeared?

9. The General Synod announced the ending of which 800 year old pre-marriage church ceremony?

10. What reopened on 4th Dec after services were suspended for 2 weeks following a fire?  

11. What decision by Harriet Harman had Conservatives accusing her of hypocrisy?

12. Which tournament witnessed one of the most humiliating collapses in the sport's history, much to the benefit of the British winner?

13. Euro '96 was won by the Germans, but who did they beat in the final?

14. What was returned to Scotland after 700 years?

15. Why were two US Army soldiers Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nicholls on trial?

16. Why was the Channel Tunnel temporarily closed?

17. What happened to Wallace and Grommit, causing distress to their creator, Nick Park?

18. What was introduced as an attempt to cut down on benefit fraud?

19. Which newspaper, launched by Lenin in 1912, was relaunched as a downmarket tabloid?

20. Which Jane Austen novel won an Oscar for Emma Thompson (Best Adaptation)?


1. Madonna

2. Pat Eddery

3. Marjorie Proops

4. Take That

5. Dickie Bird

6. Richard Kraijicek

7. Montserrat

8. Bob Monkhouse

9. Reading of the Banns

10. The Channel Tunnel

11. Sending her son to a grammar school

12. US Masters (Golf, Norman collapsed, Faldo won)

13. Czech Republic

14. Stone of Scone

15. Oklahoma bombing

16. Fire damage

17. Left in a taxi, but safely returned

18. Hotline

19. Pravda

20. Sense and Sensibility


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