Quiz of the Year 1972

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Mystery Year Quiz1. In revenge for Bloody Sunday, which British military town was the target of a bomb?

2. The Pope abolished the tonsure. What is or was a tonsure?

3. Whose death should have resulted in a state funeral, but didn't?

4. Which musical, written by Tim Rice and Andrew Lloyd Webber, opened in London, to be subjected to religious picketing?

5. Which new state swore in its first prime minister, Sheikh Mujibur Rahman?

6. Which tournament, lasting two months and eventually won by an American, took place in Iceland?

7. Which guerrilla organisation murdered Israeli competitors at the Olympic Games?

8. And in those same games, who was the Russian gymnast who captivated the crowds with her breathtaking performances?

9. What two measures were introduced to try and save electricity during the State of Emergency brought on by the Miner's pay dispute?

10. Which liner was destroyed by fire in a Hong Kong harbour?


1. Aldershot

2. Circular shaving of a monks head

3. Duke of Windsor (Edward VIII)

4. Jesus Christ Superstar

5. Bangladesh

6. World Chess Championship

7. Black September

8. Olga Korbett

9. 3 day week & Blackouts

10. Queen Elizabeth


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