Quiz of the Year 1981

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Mystery Year Quiz1. What did Bobby Sands begin on March 1st and end 59 days later?

2. What name was given to the politicians that formed the Social Democratic party?

3. What political event coincided with the inauguration of President Reagan?

4. Where was the Pope when he was shot?

5. Which 2 British athletes broke the world record for the mile, 3 times in 10 days?

6. Which TV serial, based on an Evelyn Waugh novel, was shot at Castle Howard?

7. Which tragedy claimed the lives of 8 men from the village of Mousehole in Cornwall?

8. What was the name of the first space shuttle launched this year?

9. Susan Brown became the first woman to achieve what?

10. Who attempted to assassinate President Reagan?  


1. Hunger strike

2. Gang of four

3. Release of US Hostages by Iranian 'students'. 444 days in captivity.

4. St. Peter's Square

5. Sebastian Coe and Steve Ovett

6. Brideshead Revisited

7. Penlee lifeboat tragedy

8. Columbia

9. Competing (and winning) in the Oxford-Cambridge boat race

10. John Hinckley


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