Quiz of the Year 1985

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Mystery Year Quiz1. What was the name of the battery powered tricycle unveiled by Clive Sinclair?

2. Which London hotel was bought by the Sultan of Brunei?

3. In the month of May, there were two disasters at soccer stadiums resulting in 80 deaths. Which two stadiums?

4. Which ship, owned by Greenpeace, was sunk while in New Zealand?

5. Which event was described as a 'global jukebox'?

6. How old was Ruth Lawrence when she won a first-class degree at Oxford?

7. Who struck the putt that won the Ryder Cup for Europe?

8. Which siege, affecting British subjects, and lasting for 16 years, was ended?

9. Who was the civil servant accused of breaking the Official Secrets Act during the Falklands War, but acquitted at the Old Bailey?

10. Why did a hole found in Antarctica cause world-wide alarm?  


1. C5

2. Dorchester

3. Bradford and Heysal (Brussels)

4. Rainbow Warrior

5. Live Aid

6. 13 years old

7. Sam Torrance

8. Gibraltar ?

9. Clive Ponting

10. Hole was in the ozone layer


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