Quiz of the Year 1997

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Mystery Year Quiz1. What was the popular name given to Daniel Hooper, an anti-road protester?

2. Which comet was clearly visible for several weeks as it passed through our skies?

3. Why were the people of Montserrat evacuated?

4. What was rather ironic about Clare Tomkins becoming a victim of BSE?

5. Which space station had a series of mishaps?

6. Which tournament was contested at Valderrama in Spain?

7. Which celebrated columnist and Soho drinker, who had a play written about him, died in 1997?

8. Which anti-Europe party, formed by Sir James Goldsmith, contested a large number of seats in the General election?

9. What was cloned from a single adult cell and named Dolly?

10. The world's oldest person died aged 122. To which two activities did she attribute her longevity?  


1. Swampy

2. Hale Bopp

3. Erupting volcano

4. She was a vegetarian

5. Mir

6. Ryder Cup

7. Jeffrey Bernard

8. Referendum Party

9. Sheep

10. Smoking and Drinking


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