Quiz of the Year 1976

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Mystery Year Quiz1. Who teamed up with Elton John to top the charts for six weeks running?

2. When rain stopped play at Lords, why did the crowd cheer?

3. Which Roman epic, starring Derek Jacobi, had its first showing on BBC2?

4. What job was given to George Thomas, following the retirement of Selwyn Lloyd?

5. Which second division football team beat Manchester United in the FA Cup final?

6. What was agreed between Britain and Iceland in a meeting in Oslo?

7. In which airport was there a hijacked airbus which was stormed by Israeli commandos killing all 7 hijackers?

8. Which popular car was rolled off the assembly line for the 4 millionth time?

9. Bill Grundy, a TV presenter, lost his jobs after interviewing what he described as 'a foul-mouthed set of yobs'. Who was he referring to?

10. Who won a men's figure skating gold medal for Britain in the Winter Olympics?  


1. Kiki Dee (Don't go breaking my heart)

2. End of the drought

3. I Claudius

4. Speaker of the House of Commons

5. Southampton

6. End to the 3rd Cod War

7. Entebbe (Uganda)

8. Mini

9. Sex Pistols

10. John Curry


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