Quiz of the Year 1978

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Mystery Year Quiz1. The BBC began broadcasting from one of the Houses of Parliament. Which one?

2. What nickname was given to Scottish fans who went to Argentina for the World Cup?

3. Why was there excitement in Oldham General Hospital when a 5lb baby girl was born?

4. What did the Reverend Jim Jones, founder of a cult religious sect, instigate in the jungles of Guyana?

5. The Ayatollah Khomeini, having been exiled by Iran, was expelled by Iraq. Which country then granted him asylum?

6. Which public holiday was observed for the first time?

7. An Austrian baroness married into our Royal family. What title was she given?

8. Which tabloid appeared for the first time?

9. What position was held by Albino Luciani for just 33 days?

10. By which extraordinary 'James Bond' method was the exiled Bulgarian author Georgi Markov assassinated?  


1. House of Commons (radio only)

2. Ally's Army (manager Ally MacLeod)

3. World's first test-tube baby - Louise Brown

4. A mass suicide (913 members)

5. France

6. May Day

7. Princess Michael of Kent

8. Daily Star

9. Pope - John Paul I

10. Poison pellet through an umbrella


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