Quiz of the Year 1989

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Mystery Year Quiz1. Which building society gave away free shares to 5 and a half million savers?

2. Which film, starring Joanne Whalley, revived national interest in the Profumo affair?

3. Which country's leader was executed by firing squad on Christmas Day?

4. What did a backbench MP called Sir Anthony Meyer do, that no-one else had dared to do during Margaret Thatcher's leadership?

5. What is the name of the fracture in the earth's crust (or fault) that caused the San Francisco earthquake?

6. What was the name of the boat that sank on the Thames killing 76 young party goers?

7. After 12 years in space, Voyager 2 sent back pictures of which planet?

8. When Glasgow Rangers signed Maurice Johnston, in what way did they make footballing history?

9. In the European Parliament elections which party surprised everyone by getting 15% of the total vote and securing 39 seats in Brussels?

10. What happened to the wife of the Yorkshire Ripper that caused Ian Hislop to say "If this is justice, I am a banana.'?  


1. Abbey National

2. Scandal

3. Romania (Nicolae Ceausescu)

4. Challenged her for the leadership

5. San Andreas fault

6. Marchioness

7. Neptune

8. First catholic player. Fielded Protestants only for over 100 years.

9. Green party

10. Awarded ?600,000 libel damages against Private Eye


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