Quiz of the Year 1991

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Mystery Year Quiz1. In the Gulf War, by what name was the allied bomber F-117A better known?

2. What now legendary excuse was made by British Rail for trains halted by snow?

3. Helen Sharman beat off 13,000 rivals and a 17 month training program. For what privilege?

4. What was bombed by the IRA in an attempt to kill government ministers?

5. Why did Prince William require a 70 minute operation on his skull?

6. After a vote, Berlin was re-instated as the capital of Germany. What had previously been the capital?

7. What was the name of the yacht from which Robert Maxwell disappeared?

8. How many weeks was Bryan Adams at No. 1 in UK Singles chart, a record?

9. Which two companies emerged as the biggest producers of computer games?

10. Which airline, burdened by a massive debt, closed down?  


1. Stealth Bomber

2. Wrong Type of Snow

3. First Briton in space

4. 10 Downing Street

5. Hit by a golf club

6. Bonn

7. Lady Ghislaine

8. 16 (for full marks), half marks for 15 or 17.

9. Sega and Nintendo

10. Pan Am


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