Quiz of the Year 1992

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Mystery Year Quiz1. What title was dubbed on David Mellor after he admitted having an affair with an actress?

2. Sally Gunnell won an Olympic gold medal? What was the event?

3. Which motor company launched a futuristic car called the XJ220 priced at $750,00?

4. Where was the fire that destroyed Brunswick Tower and St. George's Hall?

5. Which city experienced race riots following the acquittal of four police officers?

6. 1992 saw a general election. Which appropriately named horse won the Grand National a few days before?

7. Which film won Oscars for Jodie Foster and Anthony Hopkins?

8. As well as being a great artist, what else was Michelangelo?

9. Which American tycoon stood against Bill Clinton and George Bush in the Presidential election?

10. Who had a 1992 hit with ?Who?s gonna Ride your wild horses??  


1. Minister for Fun

2. 400m hurdles

3. Jaguar

4. Windsor Castle

5. Los Angeles

6. Party Politics

7. Silence of the Lambs

8. Computer virus

9. Ross Perot

10. U2


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