Quiz of the Year 1993

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Mystery Year Quiz1. President Clinton was inaugurated, and put his wife in charge of which reform group?

2. Where, in Texas, did a cult religious sect commit suicide within a burning building?

3. What was described as one of the most embarrassing incidents in sporting history?

4. The US space shuttle Endeavour carried out a mission to repair something which had been launched in 1990. What was repaired?

5. When Buckingham Palace was opened to the public, which restoration fund did the entrance fee money go into?

6. On the 1st of January, which European country split into two states?

7. Which company agreed to pay libel damages to Richard Branson, following an alleged `dirty tricks' scheme?

8. Margaret Thatcher issued an autobiography. What was it called?

9. Kim Campbell was elected as the first woman PM of which Commonwealth country?

10. Which company announced a loss of $4.97 billion, the largest single-year loss in US corporate history?  


1. Health Reform

2. Waco

3. The void Grand National

4. Hubble Space Telescope

5. Windsor Castle

6. Czechoslovakia (Czech Republic and Slovakia)

7. British Airways

8. The Downing Street Years

9. Canada

10. IBM


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