Quiz of the Year 1994

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Mystery Year Quiz1. Which party, led by Chief Buthelezi, threatened to boycott the South African elections?

2. Which now retired jockey rode his last Derby winner on a horse called Erhaab?

3. Which movie, starring Mel Gibson was switched from Scotland (its historical setting) to Ireland to take advantage of tax breaks?

4. Which Italian cruise ship, best known for its 1985 hijacking, sank in the Indian Ocean?

5. Which country, formerly part of Yugoslavia, did the Greeks refuse to recognise,?

6. When Brian Lara broke the world individual test batting record with an innings of 375, which country was he playing against?

7. Which country swore in its 53rd government since World War II?

8. Where was a crater discovered which is 1500 miles across and 8 miles deep?

9. Which privatisation plan, proposed by Heseltine, was abandoned by the cabinet?

10. In which Grand Prix was Ayrton Senna tragically killed?  


1. Inkatha Freedom Party

2. Willie Carson

3. Braveheart

4. Achille Lauro

5. Macedonia (same name as a region in Greece)

6. England

7. Italy

8. Moon (far side - discovered by US lunar probe Clementine)

9. Post Office

10. San Marino (Imola)


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