Quiz of the Year 1967

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Mystery Year Quiz1. The BBC introduced Radio 1, 2, 3 and 4. What programme did Radio 2 replace?

2. Which cruise ship sailed for the last time?

3. Who was the Chancellor of the Exchequer responsible for the devaluation of the pound?

4. Which horse, ridden by a little known jockey called John Buckingham, won one of the most bizarre races ever witnessed?

5. Who performed the worlds first heart transplant?

6. At which London college did 13 protesting students go on a hunger strike?

7. Why were 9 German businessmen charged with causing bodily harm and causing death by negligence?

8. Following the impact of a play called 'Cathy Come Home', which charity was founded?

9. Where was the Bluebird when it somersaulted at 275 mph, killing the driver, Donald Campbell?

10. Why was Muhammad Ali stripped of his world heavyweight title?  


1. Light Programme

2. Queen Mary

3. Jim Callaghan

4. Foinavon

5. Christiaan Barnard (Thanks to Pamela Drinkall for correcting the answer)

6. LSE (London School of Economics) - over the appointment of a Rhodesian as a director.

7. Directors of Chemie Gruementhal, the company that launched thalidomide

8. Shelter

9. Coniston Water

10. Refusing to be inducted into military service


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