Quiz of the Year 1973

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Mystery Year Quiz1. Which country was fighting the British in the Cod War?

2. Which radio station opened, becoming the first ever legal competitor for the BBC?

3. Shortly after the start of the 3-day week, which world leader started a 'Save Britain' fund?

4. Which book by Frederick Forsyth was about the escape organisation of the SS?

5. Which film starring Paul Newman and Robert Redford revived Ragtime music?

6. In Australia, who were allowed to vote for the first time

7. Where were Princess Anne and Mark Phillips when they announced their engagement?

8. Which trendy underground magazine of the sixties was issued for the last time?

9. Which Formula 1 driver retired after winning his third world championship?

10. Who was the leading architect arrested on charges of bribery and corruption?


1. Iceland

2. Capital Radio

3. Idi Amin

4. The Odessa File

5. The Sting

6. Aborigines

7. Badminton Horse Trials

8. Oz

9. Jackie Stewart

10. John Poulson


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