Quiz of the Year 1965

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Mystery Year Quiz1. Which British colony became Africa's smallest independent state?

2. Goldie escaped from Regents Park Zoo. What was Goldie?

3. Which two films won a total of 13 Academy Awards?

4. Why did many people hand back their OBEs, MBEs etc., considering the award to have been cheapened?

5. What change was introduced to the method by which the Tories chose its leader?

6. Against which country did Britain impose sanctions, after it declared a UDI?

7. Which cult children's programme, was shown for the first time?

8. Winston Churchill died and was buried near his place of birth. Where is that?

9. In which country were US forces authorised to engage in offensive operations?

10. Stan Laurel died. Approximately how many films did he make with his partner, Oliver Hardy? Was it a) 120, b) 150 c) 200?


1. Gambia

2. Golden Eagle

3. Mary Poppins (5 Oscars) and My Fair Lady (8 Oscars)

4. MBEs awarded to the Beatles

5. Elected - previously chosen by outgoing leader

6. Rhodesia/Zimbabwe

7. Magic Roundabout

8. Blenheim Palace, Woodstock. Actually buried at Bladon

9. South Vietnam (against the Vietcong)

10. c) 200


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