Quiz of the Year 1983

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Mystery Year Quiz1. Which country was invaded by the Americans following a military coup there?

2. What was the historical find of the century, that turned out to be a hoax by a clever forger?

3. Christopher Hughes won the BBC's Mastermind quiz. What was his occupation?

4. What was found in Denis Nilsen's sewage pipes?

5. What was the best selling car in Britain?

6. What was the name of a security warehouse which was raided and robbed of ?25 million of gold bars?

7. Who was elected as deputy leader of the Labour party?

8. Who was kidnapped, never to be seen alive or dead since?

9. Which organisation did Arthur Scargill describe as 'an anti-socialist organ who desire the overthrow of a Socialist state'?

10. Which magazine was successfully sued by Sir James Goldsmith?


1. Grenada

2. Hitler Diaries

3. Tube Driver

4. Human Remains

5. BL Metro

6. Brinks Mat

7. Roy Hattersley

8. Shergar

9. Solidarity

10. James Goldsmith


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