Quiz of the Year 1998

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Mystery Year Quiz1. Which major sporting tournament was very nearly won by a 17 year old British amateur?

2. The cartoonist Reg Smythe died. Which celebrated cartoon character did he create?

3. Who was arrested in a London clinic?

4. Following the sacking of Harriet Harman and the resignation of Frank Field, to which cabinet position was Alastair Darling appointed?

5. Which Republican splinter group claimed responsibility for the Omagh bombing?

6. What is the name of the massive steel sculpture erected near the A1 near Gateshead?

7. Why were a lot of Jews unhappy when Israel won the Eurovision song contest?

8. Why was a Blue Peter presenter sacked?

9. Which cabinet minister's son was arrested for selling drugs?

10. What was described as the footballing equivalent of World War III?


1. British Open Golf Tournament (Justin Rose)

2. Andy Capp

3. General Pinochet

4. Social Security Secretary

5. Real IRA

6. Angel of the north

7. Singer had had a sex change

8. Taking Cocaine (Richard Bacon)

9. Jack Straw

10. Iran vs USA in the World Cup


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