Quiz of the Year 1980

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Mystery Year Quiz1. What real-life drama suddenly appeared on our TV screens, halfway through the final of the World Snooker championship final?

2. Peter Sellers died. Which film made shortly before his death, where he played the part of a simple gardener, was hailed as one of his finest performances?

3. The answer was 'Kristen'. But what was the question that gripped the nation?

4. Why was Paul McCartney deported from Japan?

5. Which coin ceased to be legal tender?

6. We briefly had a world champion boxer in Alan Minter. What weight did he fight at?

7. Which English soccer team won the European Cup for the second year running?

8. What was stranded on a beach in Brighton? Was it a) 47 whales b) a Russian submarine or c) a Greek Cargo ship?

9. The heir of which political dynasty died in a plane crash?

10. The Housing Act came into force. What did this allow?


1. SAS storming Iranian embassy

2. Being There

3. Who shot JR?

4. Importing marijuana

5. Sixpence

6. Middleweight

7. Nottingham Forest

8. c) Greek Cargo Ship

9. Sanjay Gandhi (eldest son of Indira Gandhi)

10. Council tenants buying their homes


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