Quiz of the Year 1975

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Mystery Year Quiz1. What was the name of the company formed by a 19 year old whiz kid called Bill Gates?

2. Which group of revolutionaries captured Phnom Penh, effectively ending the war in Vietnam?

3. What ruling did the British Appeal Court make about Sikhs living in Britain?

4. The first of only 12 episodes of a cult TV comedy series was shown. Which one?

5. Papua New Guinea became independent. From which country?

6. Which famous race meeting was picketed by 100 striking stable lads?

7. Which country's President survived two assassination attempts in the space of three weeks?

8. There was a referendum open to all British voters. What was it about?

9. Which famous waterway re-opened for international maritime traffic, having been shut for 8 years following a war?

10. The Green Party came into being but under a different name. So, what was the former name of the Green Party?  


1. Microsoft

2. Khmer Rouge

3. Could only have one wife.

4. Fawlty Towers

5. Australia

6. Royal Ascot (Gold Cup Day)

7. US (President Ford)

8. Joining the Common Market

9. Suez canal (6-day war of 1967)

10. Ecology Party


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