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1. In 1868 and 1874, Benjamin Disraeli was elected Prime Minister of which country?

2. In which country is Hunter valley, famous for its wines?

3. By what name is former tennis champion Peter Sampras known?

4. Robert Oppenheimer is best known for developing what?

5. On 22 March 2001, Bernard Jordaan of Butler's Pizza, Cape Town, South Africa, set the world record for the longest pizza delivery. How many kilometres did the pizza travel? (+/- 1,000km)

6. In which city was Ludwig van Beethoven born on 16th December 1770?

7. In which century did Michelangelo unveil his famous statue of David?

8. Whom has Ukrainian President Viktor Yushcheno nominated to become prime minister: 
    a) his brother, b) his former arch-rival Viktor Yanukovych, c) his uncle or d) Vitali Klitschko?

9. What plant family does bamboo belong to?

10. In "Sex in the City", what was Carrie's family name?

11. Where in the human body would you find the hypophysis?

12. In 1943, "Casablanca" received 3 Oscars. In which categories? (1 point per correct answer)

13. What did Christopher Columbus call the island sailor Rodrigo de Triana aboard the "Pinta" first sighted on 12th October 1492?

14. On 6th October of what year was Egyptian president Muhammad Anwar al-Sadat assassinated? (+/- 5 years)

15. By what name is the world's second highest mountain, the Mount Godwin Austen, better known?

16. What sort of animal is an Aye-Aye?

17. In which US state is the Everglades National Park?

18. What was the name of the yacht on which Fidel Castro and Che Guevara, along with other 80 revolutionaries, arrived in Cuba in 1956. 
    a) Libertad, b) Revoluci√≥n, c) Rosalita or d) Granma?

19. Who played the role of Duncan MacLeod in the TV Series "Highlander"?

20. What is the skeleton of corals composed of?


1. Great Britain

2. Australia

3. Pistol Pete

4. atom bomb

5. 11.042 km (from Cape Town to Sydney)

6. Bonn, Germany

7. 16th (1504)

8. b) his former arch-rival Viktor Yanukovych

9. true grasses (Poaceae)

10. Bradshaw

11. in your heed

12. Best Movie, Best Director, Best Sreenplay

13. San Salvador

14. 1981

15. K2

16. a small primate

17. Florida

18. d) Granma

19. Adrian Paul

20. calcium carbonate / chalk

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