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1. Who defeated the Roman army on 2nd August 216 BC at the Battle of Cannae?

2. Which famous building is located in/near the Indian city of Agra?

3. What is the term for a period of play in baseball or cricket?

4. In which city was Albert Einstein born on 14th March 1879?

5. The word tattoo originated from the 
    a) Hawaiian, b) Tahitian, c) Japanese or d) Gaelic language?

6. From which song is the line "People always told me be careful what you do, and don't go around breaking young girls' hearts"?

7. What was Ernest Hemingway's nickname?

8. In order to pay less road tax, New Zealanders have been registering their cars as a) ambulances, b) hearses, c) school buses or d) fire engines?

9. What sort of animal is a water flea: 
    a) a spider, b) a crustacean or c) an insect?

10. What was the name of the cop played by Eddie Murphy in the Beverly Hills Cop series of films?

11. In what century was the first printed newspaper was published?

12. If you suffer from entomophobia, what are you afraid of?

13. By what name is the "Religious Society of Friends" better known?

14. What is the unit of currency of Norway?

15. How many letters are there in the Russian alphabet: 
    a) 28, b) 30, c) 33 or d) 35?

16. What are the names of Donald Duck's three almost identical nephews? (1 point per correct answer)

17. John Lennon once said: "If you tried to give rock and roll another name, you might call it " 
    a) Elvis Presley, b) Chuck Berry, c) Bill Haley or d) Little Richard.."?

18. Roy Lichtenstein and Andy Warhol were 2 of the best known representatives of what art movement?

19. From which artist is the famous 'Vitruvian Man' drawing, depicting a man in two superimposed positions with his arms and legs apart, within a circle and a square?

20. From which song is the line "Freedom is just another word for 'nothing left to lose""?


1. Hannibal

2. Tadj Mahal

3. Inning

4. Ulm

5. b) Tahitian

6. Billy Jean - Michael Jackson

7. Papa

8. b) hearses

9. b) a crustacean

10. Axel Foley

11. 17th century (1605, Strasbourg, Johann Carolus' "Relation aller f?rnemmen und gedenckw?rdigen Historien" (Collection of all distiguished and commemorateable news).

12. insects

13. Quakers

14. Krone

15. c) 33

16. Huey, Dewey & Louie

17. b) Chuck Berry

18. Pop Art

19. Leonardo Da Vinci

20. Me and Bobby McGee

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